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Empowering education through AI, we raise awareness of its potential, train educators in its transformative power, and provide strategic leadership solutions for educational leaders, shaping the future of learning.

Dan Fitzpatrick, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, PgDip

The author of the best-selling book, The AI Classroom: Teaching & Learning in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution, Dan imparts invaluable insights and tactics for harnessing AI in education. His work has earned him esteemed accolades such as the Tech Champion Award at the Digital Industry Dynamite Awards in 2022, and recognition in the latest EdTech50 awards.Dan's former roles include serving as Director for Digital Strategy at Education Partnership North East, and as a senior leader at a secondary school. Presently, he assumes the role of Director at, Director at Edufuturists, and Director of Scout Industries.Dan holds an M.A. from Durham University, a PGCE from UCL, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking & Innovation from MIT. This robust foundation in academia has endowed him with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the ever-evolving world of AI and education.In 2023, Dan helped 35,000+ educators worldwide embrace AI. Additionally, he has partnered with hundreds of small business leaders and marketing professionals, such as those from Welsh Water and Cleanspec Cumbria, to enhance their practices using artificial intelligence.In 2023, he has featured on prominent media platforms such as Good Morning Britain, Time Magazine, Forbes, BBC Radio 4, and ITV News, where he discussed the implications and potential of AI in education and beyond.Dan Fitzpatrick's unwavering commitment to the advancement of AI in education and his passion for fostering innovation in the field render him a highly sought-after expert, strategist, and thought leader. Dan's extensive knowledge and hands-on experience inspire educators, professionals, and organisations worldwide as they grapple with the challenges and prospects of the AI revolution.


Welcome to the future of education! In my keynotes, I captivate and inspire educators to embrace AI innovation, paving the way for transformative teaching experiences. My horizon scanning offers a visionary glimpse into the evolving landscape of education, equipping educators with the foresight to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Join me as we embark on this enlightening journey, bridging the gap between technology and education to unlock boundless opportunities for student success.


Discover the power of AI in education through my practical, hands-on workshops specifically tailored for educators. I'll guide you on how to get started with cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, providing clear frameworks, guidance, and tips to ensure seamless integration into your teaching. We'll delve into advanced methods for maximising impact, revolutionising your students' learning experience. Join me as we unlock the potential of AI in the classroom, preparing you to become a pioneer in the future of education.

Leadership Consultancy

As an experienced educational leader and strategist, I'm dedicated to helping schools and institutions navigate the exciting world of artificial intelligence. I offer bespoke strategic planning for innovation, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced educational landscape. Together, we'll explore AI integration coaching, focusing on practical applications to boost learning outcomes. I'm passionate about empowering educators with advanced methods, guaranteeing high impact in your classrooms. Partner with me, and let's transform the future of education through the power of AI.

Prompt Engineering

I specialise in crafting bespoke AI prompts for edtech companies, empowering their AI products with exceptional efficiency and creativity. With a keen understanding of the UK education system and an expert hand in AI prompt engineering, I work diligently to tailor each prompt, ensuring a seamless integration with your unique AI offerings. By entrusting me with your edtech project, you'll experience an unparalleled boost in both user engagement and learning outcomes. Let's collaborate to harness the full potential of AI and revolutionise the educational landscape together.

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